Promoting Awareness, Detecting Breast and Prostate Cancers and, One Day Soon, Beating them Altogether.

The Foundation for Breast and Prostate Health conducts a number of international programs to advance breast and prostate cancer treatment and aid cancer patients with quality of life issues as they undertake treatment.

Consensus Conferences

Members of the Milan Consensus Conference.

Members of the Milan Consensus Conference.

The Board of Directors of BHI has organized a Breast Cancer ”Think Tank,” a nucleus of the world’s most esteemed breast cancer doctors, including surgeons, medical oncologists, pathologists and radiologists from around the world, to select new or controversial issues in breast cancer research or patient care for discussion. These and other physicians are then invited to a “Consensus Conference,” a three-day seminar, to identify and debate current information in order to formulate guidelines for breast cancer treatment. The recommendations made by the conference participants and subsequently published in leading medical journals have influenced the care of patients with breast cancer worldwide. Proceedings from the Consensus Conferences have been published in the most esteemed cancer medical journals, as well as other peer-review medical journals concurrently — an extraordinary and significant achievement.

Fund for Living

This project was developed to provide assistance to women with breast cancer and their families to cover unique problems that may not be addressed or covered by the usual health insurance programs. The types of problems that this program is designed to cover may include, but are not restricted to, the following:  home care, child or elder spousal care, transportation, mastectomy prosthesis and bras, hair replacement, etc.

Prostate Screening

Throughout the year, Prostate Health International works with area healthcare organizations to hold free prostate screening sessions. The results have been impressive and the program continues to grow. Working in conjunction with area hospitals, PHI examines hundreds of men each year, free of charge.


BHI, with funds raised by fashion house Versace, has established in Europe and in the Far East a multidisciplinary training program in breast diseases. This unique experience will proficiently prepare the successful fellow for a subsequent appointment at an academic medical center or in the community practice of breast surgery.

Scientific Grants

BHI supports an on-going project that is being held at the European Institute of Oncology by Professor Veronesi. It is the groundbreaking trial entitled ELIOT which compares intraoperative radiotherapy with conventional 6-weeks postoperative radiotherapy. The public health impact of this trial, should it be shown that these two additive treatments are equivalent, will be dramatic and obvious in terms of quality of life to patients, and massive cost savings for radiotherapy departments on a global scale.